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This is what you need to re-assemble our prefab houses:


This page shows how easy it is to re-assemble our Bali  Knockdown Homes. With only little DIY experience you will be able to build a home prefabricated by us without any nail to be driven. Ask a few friends for some helping hands (wood can be very heavy) and don't forget to ask them to bring a screw driver at least. Also have look at some assembly pictures. Click the Pre-assembly button on the navigation bar at the left. 

Below we show you a few pages of an assembly manual. The system uses numbers and colors. The number shown on the pages correspond with the number on the prefab parts. The manual will also include pictures taken during the assembly at our yard in Bali, from start to end product. To view the enlargements click on the page. You may zoom in on the drawing by clicking one time on the magnifying glass with the plus sign.

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