Cargo and shipment
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If you wish us to ship the goods we will engage a cargo forwarder we are familiar with and has already shipped many of our units. This cargo forwarder knows how we want to have your precious goods packed and stuffed. However, if you wish to engage a cargo forwarder by yourself feel free to search the internet with the key phrase "Bali cargo forwarders". You will find a list of over 100 companies. Take your pick (*).

Unfortunately we have had very bad experiences with 2 Balinese cargo forwarders (price fixing, broken goods, no compliance to timely delivery, rejected containers by customs at the port of destination, etc,). You  may e-mail us for more information on this aspect.  

(*) Most, if not all, Balinese wooden house manufacturers will add an arbitrary commission fee to the shipping costs if you engage them in the arrangement of your shipment. However, so unfortunate, these companies too often only act as a "post box" and have no further interest in how the cargo forwarder packs and ships. It's all about the fees which may range between 10% and 15%.
If you would like to involve our company and have us arranged your shipment we will coordinate and actually supervise the packing and stuffing of the container. The cargo forwarder will have to sign a document showing proof and evidence that all items were collected and properly packed following our instructions and protocol. A copy of this document will be e-mailed to the client. We will also monitor the stuffing of the container so that parts first needed are stuffed at the back of the container. To cover our costs we will add a percentage of 10% of the estimated cost for the ocean freight (hence not over the total of the shipping cost).

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