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Prefab Houses



We offer design services in a number of stages, attuned to your needs. 

You may be interested in having us prepared a design based on your sketch or ideas, or a design from scrap for self build and/or for the submission to a Building Department for obtaining a building license. We have 6 options available:

Stage a: Conceptual design
Stage b: Pre design
Stage c: Basic design
Stage d: Detailed design + 3-D render 
Stage e: Construction drawings + technical specifications
Stage f: A full package including the shop drawings which will allow a contractor to build the house exactly as we would have prefabricated it

For a detailed description of what is included in the stages click <here>

NOTE: Our design services include an analysis to hurricane wind forces if you are going to build in one of the world's cyclone wind zones. The same holds for earthquakes. We apply the latest edition of the IBC 2009 (International Building Code), issued and published by the USA International Code Council 


Our office staff comprises a senior engineer, an architect, junior engineers and draftsmen. The field staff comprises in average 30 carpenters, 10 helpers and a supervisor. They are overlooked by our commissioner who has the responsibility for a timely supply, stock keeping and keeping up a healthy work load schedule. 

The backbone of the company is our long term irreplaceable senior engineer who joined us from the start 15 years ago. He is a university engineer with a cum laude degree in civil engineering. After his graduation he followed a number of post doctoral courses and graduated successfully in structural engineering, geotechnical engineering (foundations) and coastal engineering. He is an expert in dealing with structural issues pertaining to cyclones and with his 40 years of international experience under his belt he is a highly skilled person. In addition and If so required, our Hawaiian based coordinators Professor David Rockwood and Professor Ian Robertson  are stand-by to review our architectural and structural designs. 


Click <here> for a price inquiry of our design services. Please state the total square meter area (or sqft area) of the house and the design stages you would like us to be involved.



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