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This page shows you a number of details showing the craftsmanship of our carpenters


  Left: Our engineered spiral stair with suspended steps  (unlike an original spiral stair this stair walks very conveniently due to the fact that a person does not turn constantly. The suspended steps stair has only straight sections)   








Right: wall - column - window connection

  Left: Column carving Bali style




Right: Bali style carving works

  Left: Veranda (Lanai) fence 




Right: the making of screen windows



Left: A fully Bali style carved door


Right: Placing of exterior boards without back paneling  





Right: Placing of exterior boards against back paneling

  Left: A carved Bali style door jamb




Right: The ceiling of the Sandat bedroom with exposed rafters

  Left: Bali style carved teak door




Right: Carved veranda fence 

  Left: Alternative Entrance to veranda




Right: one of our carvers at work (seems he likes his job)

  Left: Shingle hip    




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