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With our unique and in-house developed interlocking system (*) whereas screws are hidden to the eye, we succeeded  in creating a flooring and siding system which will remain extremely smooth and straight. No gaping, no warping and no deformations during its lifetime even under the most extreme weather conditions. This is not the standard old fashioned tongue and groove (T&G) connection, but a well designed innovative interlocking system, very easy and fast to install.

The picture below shows our test Bangkirai siding which has now been tested for over a year exposed uncoated to the Balinese weather conditions (tropical sunshine generating temperatures of up to 40 C., regularly attacked by rain in a humid environment with a moisture content between 80% and 95%).

For esthetical reasons we have applied a small V-sill along the horizontal edges of the boards. 

(*) For the Deluxe and Traditional standard options only. 


Test siding   V-sills
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