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An original Lumbung is a pile-built, bonnet-rice barn. They arre often built in rows along the easier lower paths of a village. The structures have only one opening, which is a high window into which rice is loaded twice a year. Four 1.5 metre hardwood posts are mounted on a level, sundried mud and buffalo-dung platform, and discs known as jelepreng are set towards the top to prevent rodent ingress. Two lateral beams are carried by the posts on which sits a cantilevered frame which in turn supports the bamboo rafters. The Lumbungs shown on this page are copies of original buildings which are still in use by farmers on the islands of  of Lombok and Bali

The sketch plan drawings of each model (floor plan + all elevations) + all dimensions are available for sale at USD. 5/m2 floor plan. Order <here>  (state the model code number !!!)

You may view the floor plans and elevations of all the models shown on this page on our new web site. Click <here>



Type JEPUNG, the Balinese "Lumbung". Available in sizes starting from 9 m2 up to 36 m2

 (Code A-18 thru A-25)



Code A-18 (14 m2 (172 sqft) + 3 m2 deck 32 sqft)  (*)

  Code A-19 (36 m2, 387 sqft)).Downstairs 27 m2 + deck 9 m2, Upstairs 27 m
  Code A-20 (16 m2, 172 sqft)  (*)
Code A-21 (12 m2, 129 sqft)  (*)   Code A-22 (9 m2, 97 sqft)  (*)   Code A-23 (25 m2, 269 sqft)
Code A-24 (14 m2 (172 sqft) + 3 m2 deck (32 sqft)   Code A-25 (36 m2, 387 sqft). Downstairs 27 m2 + deck 9 m2, Upstairs 27 m2
  Example of Lumbung interior

(*) These models are not part of our 15-year celebration holiday action package

The model nos. A-18, A-20, A-21, A-22, A-23  and A-24 are not suitable to be built in a hurricane or typhoon area unless special measures will be taken by tying up with ropes to be secured to external anchor points.

Type  FUCHSIA (Code E-7)

Down stairs : living + bathroom (optional), total 17.5 m2 (188 sqft). Upstairs: bedroom 17.5 m2 (188 sqft)

Deck 7.6 m2 (82 sqft)


Cross section   Longitudinal section   Side elevation
Front elevation   Ground floor plan   2nd floor plan
    Click on thumbnail for picture enlargement
Jineng under construction in Panama   Jineng completed    
Siding footprint of this model:   4.20 x 6.20 meter (13'-10" x 20'-4")
Roof edge footprint of this model:   6.70 x 8.15 meter (21'-11" x 26'-9")

Type  DAHLIA (Code E-8)

Down stairs: toilet and open space for garage or utilities. Upstairs: bedroom 17.5 m2 (188 sqft)

Upstairs deck 7 m2 (82 sqft)



Front elevation


Side elevation




Floor plan

Siding footprint of this model:   5.05 x 9.25 meter (16'-7" x 30'-4")
Roof edge footprint of this model:   6.00 x 8.80 meter (19'-7" x 28'-11")

Type BEGONIA (Code E-9)  

Down stairs living (22 m2, or 237 sqft) with veranda 9.5 m2, or 102 sqft (bathroom optional). 

Upstairs bedroom (18 m2 or 194 sqft), with balcony 8 m2 (86 sqft).

Also available in smaller sizes. Full Bankirai wood. Thatched roof




NOTE: All Jineng types need to be reinforced for areas where hurricanes and/or earthquakes may occur



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