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Prefab houses



The organization is lead by Bali Wood World acting as the parent company. In addition we have a few other registered daughter companies named Bali Prefab World, Bali Woodworks, Indoprefab and export-import Bali.   

Our office staff comprises a senior engineer, an architect, engineers and draftsmen. The field staff comprises in average 30 carpenters, 10 helpers and a supervisor. They are overlooked by our commissioner who has the responsibility for a timely supply, stock keeping and keeping up a healthy work load schedule. 
We are proud to have our senior engineer in our mids since the inauguration of the company. He is a graduated university engineer with a cum laude degree in civil engineering. After his graduation he passed a number of post doctoral exams and graduated in structural engineering, geotechnical engineering (foundations) and coastal engineering. He is an expert in dealing with structural issues pertaining to cyclones and with his 40 years of international experience under his belt he is a highly skilled person. Feel free to e-mail him should you have any pertinent question pertaining to his field of competence. Click <here> and state your question.    

Being successful, a few companies in Indonesia decided to falsely advertise under one of our names (Bali Woodworks or Baliwoodworks) These companies have no connection whatsoever with our company. Bali Woodworks is one of our companies owning the registered baliwoodworks domain name and is the only company allowed to operate under the name Bali Woodworks or Baliwoodworks. If you are in doubt we advise you to verify whether the name Bali Woodworks or Baliwoodworks is connected to whom the domain name is registered via a "who is" search function in any search engine. Our company's name and address will be returned after the search. 



For customers wanting to build their house in Hawaii, many may require the services of registered architect and structural engineer. These professionals can assist owners in meeting the requirements of the city or county building department having jurisdiction over the project site. Their services may include review of our drawings, structural calculation reviews, foundation design reviews, lateral load resistant design assessment and preparation of plans for building permit approval. In such cases we work together with David Rockwood, Architect and Associate Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Professional Engineer and Professor Ian Robertson, University of Hawaii at Manoa. We would be happy to offer a referral to customers seeking such services. Both persons will also advise us for any other area in the USA (mainland and other islands).    


Structures erected in Australia require a structural certificate. Regardless whether it is designed by an architect or home owner a structural certificate must be obtained from a registered structural engineer. This forms part of the Building Permit application. Our company's professional structural engineering is deemed to comply with the Australian building regulations.
We recommend however prior to purchase one of our units to consult building certifiers in your local area to address specific requirements of the proposed building site and local building regulations.
Our Australian representative is a qualified building professional from Darwin and happy to provide initial free advice in regards to the building permit process.
We would be happy to bring you in contact with this person.  


Feel free to contact us via the director's private e-mail address should you have any question or should you require some clarifications and/or explanations. Click <contact the director> for the e-mail address. You may also contact our senior engineer in the event that you have a special technical question. He would be happy to respond. Click <contact senior engineer> to contact him by e-mail. 




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