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A collage of a number of our Wooden Bali Prefab Houses and Bali Gazebos

(Click on the pictures for an enlargement and click on the underlined links to be navigated to the particular web page )

Bungalow (Caribbean)   2-storey villa in Turkey   Gazebos Cayman islands (Caribbean)
Our Raflesia combination model (Code F-1/4)   Our Cempaka model Code E-2)    
Split level bungalow (Caribbean)   Double 2-storey Bali style villa (United States Virgin Islands)   Bungalow (Oahu, Hawaii)
Our Hyacint model (Code C-2)

      Our Aster model (Code D-7)
Client designed house (island of Reunion)    Bungalow (Mid Americas)   Bungalow (Caribbean)
    Our Raflesia F-1 model   Our Raflesia F-3 model 


2-storey house (Panama) Code E-6   Bungalow interior   Cottage (Big Island, Hawaii)
Our Bunga Kamboja model   Our Raflesia F-1 model   Our extended Anggrek model (Code A-2)
Our extended Anggrek model (Code A-2)   2-storey villa (island of San Andres, Caribbean)   Tree house Greece
here under construction   Our Jasmin model (Code E-10)    
Modified Bali rice barn (Code E-7)   Gazebo Grand Cayman island   Wine tasting cottage (S-Africa)
Our Fuchsia model       Our Lilis model (Code A-30)


Villa in Bali
 survived the 13 October 2011 earthquake of 6.8 on the Richter scale without a scratch
      Roof section Bali villa


Wine tasting cottage under construction   2-storey villa (Oahu, Hawaii)    Octagonal gazebo (Island of Barbados)
Our Lilis model (Code A-30)   Our Tepak darah  model (Code D-5)    
Living of the 2-storey house built in Turkey   Bungalow (island of  Roatan, Caribbean)   Elevated bungalow (Maui, Hawaii)
Our Cempaka model (Code E-2)   Our Tulip model (Code A-29)   Our Fresia model (Code E-5)


Semi-over water unit (Bocas, Panama)   Living area semi-over water unit (Bocas, Panama)   Bird's eye view main unit (Bocas, Panama
Our Lotus model (code A-32)
  Our Lotus model (see left)   Our Lotus model (see left) 
Our Fuchsia model (Code E-7)
This model withstood hurricane Thomas in 2010
  Gazebos (click on the picture for an enlargement)   Summer gazebo (with canvas shade)
Semi detached bungalow   Bedroom of semi detached bungalow (Seychelles)    
Our Iris model (Code A-31)      


1-bedroom unit   Extended Rosalia unit (Code B-6), Malaysia     2-bedroom detached mezzanine model
Our Bunga Senduduk model (Code A-33)


  Our Rosalia model (Code B-6)   Our Heliconia model (code B-9)
1-bedroom unit   1-bedroom unit (Code A-34), Madagascar      
Our Sandat-4 unit
  Our Bunga mentega unit    
New development in Costa Rica   1-bedroom unit, octagonal  (Code A-9)   Bedroom of the Bali villa
    Our Chrysantum unit  



---------------------------- New development on Isla del Rey, Panama ------------------------------


Traditional "Tongkonan" house from the Toraja area on the island of Sulawesi. Our <model A-37 and A-38>    umbung units (from 16 m2 to 36 m2) for more types (small and large) log on to <Jepung> and scroll down to Code A-18   Have  a look at our kitchen page <kitchens>


Truss structure for a large unit   Detail of truss structure   1-bedroom unit (Code A-41)
Our <Ixora> model



4-bedroom unit (Code D-1)
Our <Kembang Seribu> model
  1-2 bedroom unit (Code A-16)
Our <Narsis> model
  1-bedroom unit (Code A-3)
Our <Anyer> model



Large 2-bedroom unit (Code D-4)
Our <Celeng Bali> model


Yoga unit for "Spa Village Resort", Tembok, North Bali, a division of the International YTL Hotels & Resort Group


Tea House



2-bedroom unit (Code B-3)
Our <Melati> model


2-bedroom unit (Code B-3)
Our <Melati> model (alternative)


Birdseye view of a cluster of Melati units to be built on the island of St. Martin, Caribbean




Garage roof section for a house to be built in the USVI  


Structural framing of our extended Anggrek unit  (A-2)



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