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Prefab  Houses



We are bombarded with price inquiries for our Bali Prefab Houses. At receipt of any inquiry based on the models shown on our web site we will e-mail our standard price list. However, we also regularly receive price inquiries which bear all the marks of a "tender" or a "competitive bid procedure". You may guess that the preparation of these quotations is very time consuming. Needless to say that these generally large quotations may cost us 2 to 3 weeks to prepare with a slim chance of winning the bid (the more contenders, the lower the chance of becoming the successful bidder). In conclusion we will only accept a request for a quotation based on a tender or competitive bid procedure provided a firm commitment on an order is in place or our time spent for the preparation is reimbursed. The same holds for a quotation based on a client's own design, architect's design or changes/modifications to our standard designs which do not reflect our prefab system or contain insufficient details. In such case we may need to convert such design to our prefab system first before we are able to prepare a quotation.  More info can be found at <Tailor made Prefab Bali House designs>

In addition we will not prepare any custom design or complete/modify an existing custom design unless the client will reimburse us for the costs. More info on our tailor made page <Tailor made>  

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