Roof decking
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We offer 4 different roof decking options, as follows: (*)

1. Bali style terracotta roof roof tiles
2. Thatch
3. Corrugated zinc-aluminum barrel tiles
4. Wooden shingles

(*) Each option can be entered on our <interactive price list>.  



The cheapest option. The tiles are made from fired clay, locally available in abundance. Due to the firing process the tiles have a reddish color, however, we can supply them in a coated black color as well. Average life time of the tiles is 30 years. Coating may fade over the years and the original red color will start shining through.     




Thatch is made from bundles of Kunai grass (biological name: Imperata Cylindrica) locally named "alang-alang" for the construction of thatched roofs. They come in panels.  Thatch requires a special approach for use in Hawaii and is typically not allowed in residential construction. Australia has very strict import rules and regulations (AQIS). We only use non-seeding alang-alang (minimum 6 months dried), while this old non-seeding grass is thoroughly fumigated with Ethylene Oxide and Methyl Bromide prior to shipment, strict regulations exist  in almost all countries. Detailed information <here> 




Corrugated roofing has been traditionally used as a light weight and durable roofing material for roofing applications. The sheets come in panels with a maximum width of 1320 mm and a width of 45 cm. Installation is simple. Minimum life time is 20 years. Available colors; Red, black, amber, brown, green and grey  




Our shingle panel roof system is the result of a 5-year long developing process. The shingles are fixed onto a Bangkirai timber frame which measures only 1350 x 500 mm (4' - 5" x 1' - 8"). The weight of the frame + shingles attached to it is just 40 kgs (88 lbs).  

Our system allows 2 persons to install the shingle panels one-by-one until the roof is fully covered, rather than the system whereas half or a quarter of a roof section needs to be lifted in place requiring a small crane or a jib. The seams between these large panels are often not waterproof, are damaged and/or broken. With our paneling system such is impossible while the installation is very simple. Read <more>

ALERT: Total export ban on Iron wood structures and Iron wood roof shingles
The Indonesian Government has announced a TOTAL ban on the export of Iron wood
. As such not one manufacturer in Indonesia will be allowed to utilize this wood species for houses to be exported. The use of Iron wood roof shingles for local purposes, however, is still allowed. We offer an alternative solution for wooden roof shingles for our houses to be exported following an in-house developed system using a hardwood species which is allowed to be shipped abroad.



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