Roof structures
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All our roof structures are made from either solid Bangkirai for our DeLuxe option and Naytoh wood or another type of hardwood for the Basic standard and the Traditional standard option.

The roof trusses are connected by means of typical timber prefab connections, interconnected with stainless steel treaded bars or galvanized steel (depending on the option chosen) which are cut to exact length and secured with stainless steel nuts and washers. The connections are detailed such that forces are distributed evenly along the interconnecting truss chords. Not one nail is used in the frames.








Left: Integrated space truss





Right: Roof truss with thatch

  Left: Truss for a Jineng to be built in a hurricane prone area









Right: Corner truss detail


  Left: Roof truss for our Sedap Malam unit










Right: Roof truss for our Sandat unit 

  Left: Early stages of roof truss fabrication





Right: Roof truss for an octagonal gazebo

  Left: Roof truss for the extended Anggrek unit





Right: Roof truss for a tailor made house





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