Standard package
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Download this page in pdf. Click <Package>

What is included in the package

bulletFloor main and sub beams, columns, pedestals, floors, sidings, roof trusses, roof decking as per your option, interior roof cladding, standard doors and windows with or without glass, bathroom and toilet ceilings, bedroom ceilings, stainless steel or galvanized steel fixtures, stainless steel or copper standard hinges, locks and handles, veranda railing (if any), veranda stair (if any), hurricane anchors for the timber members (if required), wood protection.
bulletFull set of design drawings.
bullet3-D assembly manual + detailed assembly drawings accompanied by pictures taken during pre-assembly.
bulletDetailed drawings showing the locations for the shallow foundation footings.
bulletFree of charge advice via e-mail during the re-assembly should this be necessary.

Optional features at additional costs (variation order)

bulletAny other type of wood than mentioned as per our standard material options in the <standard specifications>
bulletSimpson foundation strips (1).
bulletInsulated glass, tempered glass, beveled glass, stained glass or any other type of glass, except for the glass referred to in our <standard specifications>
bulletAll of our designs are based on the use of shallow concrete foundation footings. We can provide a foundation advice in the event that such shallow footings is not an option.
bulletElectrical conduits, switches and sockets.
bulletPotable water and sewer lines (PVC) or tap-ins only (depending on the wishes of the client).
bulletWall and/or roof insulation (except for the compulsory roof insulation for Hawaii).
bulletCabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, vanities.
bulletKitchens (log on the to the <kitchen> page) to view examples.
bulletBathroom appliances.
bulletAny type of window or door deviating from our standard models.
bulletFrench polishing for the interior.
bulletBali style carvings.
bulletStructural calculation (2).
bulletInvolvement of a local engineer or architect to rubber stamp the plans.
bulletAdditional drawings, not part of our standard package.
bulletHardware other than used for our standard package.
bulletElectrical and/or plumbing design. (3).
bulletCeilings in addition to those mentioned in the <standard specifications>.
bulletPartitions in addition to those shown on the standard drawings.
bulletChange of bamboo bathroom/toilet ceilings into rattan or hardwood ceilings.
bulletStructural and/or architectural changes and/or additions.
bulletRe-assembly at client's end

(1) We do not supply Simpson strips and its fixing bolts. We will advise on the type and the required volume. Client may purchase these strips and install them following our assembly instructions.

(2) A static structural calculation can be prepared when a County or Building Authority requires so. The calculation will include an analysis for hurricane wind force and/or earthquake force, if applicable for that region. The structural calculation will be based on the latest USA Building Codes (IBC 2009, International Building code and the IRC 2009, the  International Residential Code).

(3) To this end the client needs to submit a sketch or drawing showing the locations of sockets, switches, water and sewer tap-ins. 

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